What is Brandkick™?

Brandkick.com is a boutique style marketplace for buying business names accompanied by domain names and logos. It’s an instant branding solution for startups that are looking to brand their idea and want to save time and money.

How is Brandkick™ different from competitors?

There are plenty of competitors in the brandable domain field, some of them offer huge libraries of names, others can offer decent logos, but rarely you will find both qualities in one place, and this is exactly what Brandkick™ is aiming at. The idea of our marketplace is to offer the best combination of both naming and branding worlds. We strive to keep our selection to consist of purely high quality materials. So the buyers are guaranteed that they won’t waste time scrolling through hundreds of pages of useless names and domain owners won’t get their domains buried in the bottom of the infinite selection.

All the names are carefully examined, only the ones that could work as true business or product names are showcased. We try to avoid any mediocrities which the competitor marketplaces are largely filled up with.

Our marketplace is 98% dedicated to .com domains, although there might be some exceptions, if you own a super premium non .com domain we might throw it in the inventory too. But by super premium we mean super premium, we’re talking about 2-4 letter Country Code Top-Level Domains (ccTLD) like bi.ng, gi.lt, virg.in and similar names.

Design quality matters

Unlike our competitors we don’t keep our logos just as placeholders for domain names, we tend to give the same amount of attention to our logo designs as we do for our domain names. The goal is to achieve as much usable result as possible. You won’t find any amateur five-minute cheap logo designs on Brandkick™. All the logos are not only crafted by experienced graphic design professionals but also undergo a strict selection process ensuring that only the top notch quality visuals end up in the store.

Buying is simple and safe

Decide and select a brand you want to purchase and click ‘Buy Now’. You then will be forwarded to secure PayPal payment screen. We currently accept PayPal payments only.

Domain name transfer

After all transactions are completed and confirmed we will send you an email asking for your chosen registrar. Domain transfer will follow afterwards.
Logo files will be sent to you immediately after the purchase. Please check your order receipt email for assurance. If you fail to see the logo files with the order receipts, please let us know.

Which domain registrar can I use?

You may choose any one you like. In other circumstances, we may require you to open an account at the domain’s present address if the server proves to have registrar lock present in it. Most registrar locks are placed on a domain during its initial registration or when there is a new owner. The standard time for all registrar lock is 60 days. It’s very important that a domain be transferred to a specified registrar as claiming problems can result later on. To ensure that no errors occur, remember to ask if a domain you are purchasing is locked.

How to sell your domain names

Brandkick™ is a gateway for brandable business domain names that target startup websites and entrepreneurs. Unlike other companies, our lists of domains focus on quality rather than quantity so you don’t need to worry if a domain you’re purchasing is worthy of investment. If you’re considering selling your domain, then let us do the selling for you. Send your list through our contact form or simply drop us an email to hello@brandkick.com. And good news, domain listings at Brandkick™ are free.

What you charge for your domain is up to you. Brandkick™ utilizes a consignment fee amounting of 25% to cover our marketing costs and enable us to negotiate on your stead for other companies, agencies and buyers.

How to verify your domain name

Brandkick™ requires domain sellers to redirect their domain URLs to their domain sales page i.e. if you are selling a domain name YourDomaneName.com, you’ll have to redirect it to https://brandkick.com/YourDomainName, which certifies ownership and ensures that potential clients always see an updated list of domain names available for sale.

How much logo design costs at Brandkick™

Great brands can’t exist without great logos. Before your domain is listed for sale, a designer from Brandkick™ will craft an original and professional logo to signify your brand name. A good logo will help your name stand out and attract more buyers; for domain sellers this service is free. Though we do need to keep our designers happy, so we add up a $300 to the final price of a brand package.

Our pricing formula is simple:
Domain seller’s price + 25% listing fee + $300 logo design fee

I.e. if a domain seller is valuating his domain name at $1500 the price displayed in the store will be calculated as follows: $1500 + $375 + $300 = $2175. In case of the successful sale the domain owner will receive his initial asking price, we get our commission and designer will be paid logo fee.

Can I get a custom logo?

Yes. If your vision for the logo is different from ours, there is an option to get a custom logo design. The pricing for the additional design services starts from $499

Can I buy domain name without a logo?

No. Separating the logo from the domain name would take away the chance of earning from the designer who created the logo.

Want to become a part of our creative team?

Take your chance, show us what you can, drop us an email with your bio and a link to your portfolio to hello@brandkick.com